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We’ve loved mushrooms since before they became trendy! As more people learn about their benefits, the supplement market has grown. We use our passion and expertise to help brands and individuals launch high-quality functional mushroom supplements customized to meet their unique needs.

We’re a team of highly knowledgeable and devoted mushroom enthusiasts. We’ve been into mushrooms for decades and working with them since 2011. Since then we’ve perfected our methods, read all the latest scientific research, and set up a vertically integrated process for our business. We start with USDA Organic Certified mushrooms grown by longtime partner farms, then process them using our unique triple-extraction techniques. The result is the highest quality functional mushroom supplements — made just for you!

With Fruiting Bodies & Mycelium

Fruiting bodies are what most people think of when they hear “mushroom” — this includes the cap, stem and gills (all the parts that grow above ground). Mycelium is considered to be a mushroom’s “roots,” since we cannot see these below-ground parts that extend down and out into the earth. Both of these parts of the mushroom contain active compounds. However, most of the high-quality mushroom supplements don’t use mycelium.* Ours use both fruiting bodies and mycelium.

Why? Sometimes “mycelium” is synonymous with “shortcut.” However, the farmers we work with cultivate their mushrooms slowly, as nature intended. They let the mycelium grow as long as is needed, until it almost entirely consumes the growth material. By the time the mushrooms are harvested, under 5% of substrate is left. You get mushrooms not fillers — and high quality extracts with the helpful constituents from the mycelium and the fruiting bodies. When other companies or farms take shortcuts or try to speed up nature’s process (harvesting the mycelium after a few weeks), their products are mostly mycelial biomass filled with grains. Not ours!

We start with mushrooms grown slowly, then extract them the same way — and we can share the third-party lab test results as proof. Trust us and our full-spectrum, functional whole mushroom powders and extracts.

Triple-Extracted Over 100+ Days 

Raw mushrooms contain beneficial compounds within their cell walls, but they are not naturally bioavailable. That’s why we use a three-step process to extract them. This boosts the bioavailability of those active compounds.* Mushroom cell walls are made of the same material as fish scales, crustacean shells and insect exoskeletons. This chitin is largely indigestible, but our extraction methods allow the body to access those different compounds to put them to use. Each group of compounds has its own biochemical makeup, so it needs a specific extraction method to “unlock” them.

Our products are made with high quality mushrooms that are sourced from the USA and USDA Certified Organic. We extract them over the course of more than three months. Step one is fermentation for the triterpenoids, polysaccharides and alkaloids. Second, we use hot water to extract the polysaccharides. The last step is extracting them in alcohol for 90 days to unlock triterpenoids and more.*

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